Sunday, June 6, 2010

I like paper!

I like paper! I like it a lot. Paper is great for many things. I like to sit on it, and lay down on it. Both are good.

Every day a roll of paper is delivered to the house, and Papa Dad and Daddy spread it out on the kitchen table and stare at it. I do not know why they do this. Paper is not for staring at. I try to let them know this by showing them how great it is to sit on and lay down on, but they don't understand. Sometimes they don't understand because they have not yet had their mugs of dark brown liquid that they call "coffee". "Bad Cat," Daddy will say, lifting me off the paper and putting me on the paperless floor, "it's too early for this. I haven't even had my coffee."

Why they would need to drink coffee to understand why paper is great for sitting on is beyond me, but I'll keep trying until the day comes that Papa Dad, Daddy, and Julie are all lying down on paper with me!

Until then, they just keep staring at it. I wonder what's so interesting?

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